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Tropicana Field on Friday, Homeless Shelter Saturday?

January 26, 2012

Interesting piece of legislation was unearthed here in Florida regarding sports arenas/stadiums/ballparks.  In a nutshell it states that when these dwellings are not servicing MLB/NFL/NBA teams, etc, they are to be used for homeless shelters.  Think about that for a moment.  The spot where your favorite slugger digs in could share space with a volunteer serving a homeless Joe.

What a brilliant idea!!!  Hey the Super Dome did it after Katrina!

Unfortunately, the big league lobbyists have a slightly bigger pull than the little nobodys.  But hey, as an American taxpayer, I should have a say in the way these forums are utilized, right?  After all, its our tax dollars at work funding these massive pieces of real estate.  But there rises the even bigger problem…Americans have no clue where their tax dollars are going!  South Floridians, in particular, probably have zero clue some of their tax dollars are going straight to Triple A (American Airlines Arena).  And they are.  And same goes for any other sports team in another city.

The solution?  If sports organizations can ink the fattest player in baseball to a $215 million contract, they can afford to pay for the ballpark he plays in.  Even Bud Selig could figure that out.



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  1. Randy permalink

    come on man thats just racist

  2. Jessica Leg permalink

    That is an awesome idea! My question is though, arent these places always in use for some type of event? Whether it’s for sports or entertainment? As much as this country likes to pretend human care is so important, money always seems to take the ‘w’. Non profit organization…or an event that will bring in lots o’ money for the venue. Sad but true. I do hope this pans out!!

    • Yes, they do service other venues. But I would be willing to bet 1/3 of the year it is still being unused.

  3. There are so many things wrong with this proposal that I didn’t take it seriously when I overheard it on the news last week.

    The most interesting part of this is the tax dollars to ballparks with corporate names all over them…

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