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LeBron back to Cleveland?

January 27, 2012

Yep, you read that right.  Apparently, sources close to James have said that he isnt too fond of Pat Riley’s strong-handed way of running the Miami Heat.  Hmm interesting.  You mean to tell me LeBron and his management crew of friends don’t like being scolded?

Now this is a stretch and certainly premature.  But hey, I’m drinking the kool-aid.  I know what kind of guy LeBron is.  He hasn’t and will never say leaving Cleveland was a mistake, but you can see that its clear he’s regretting what happened.

It is premature because first off, he is inked to the Heat through 2016 and can’t opt out until after the 2013-2014 season.  But second and most importantly, winning fixes EVERYTHING.  If the Heat can pull it together this summer and win it all, LeBron will all but forget about those guys in the wine and gold, making all of this an afterthought.

In speaking to one lifelong Heat fan last night about this, here was the exact response: “Whatever. It’s no skin off my back.”  One thing LeBron overlooked was how Heat fans don’t care about him and never will.  Cleveland did, and you know what, they still do.  They cared when the Cavs got landed the #1 pick in 2003 and they cared when The Chosen One promised a city of demise the hope they had been yearning for.  They cared when his Decision left them standing outside with his jersey in one hand and a lighter in the other.  They cared when he made his first appearance back in the Q and they care that hes absent on many nights there now.

Cleveland is a prideful city and many fans will tell you they have since moved on.  But I tell you what, speaking on behalf of them, they all would welcome him back.  That is what being a Cleveland sports fan is all about.  Rooting your ass off for the name on the front of the jersey, not getting caught up with the name on the back.  We support Cleveland and we support the Cavs.  If LeBron became part of that organization again, we’d support him too.

^^Don’t think this is bias either, its being reported through all media outlets.  But FSOhio was one of the first to break this yesterday so I’ll go with them.



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  1. Darrecia permalink

    I love your passion about Lebron. I knew you could’t really hate him lol

  2. Paola permalink

    Lebron will never match up to what Wade means to Miami. Yeah, he’s one of the most amazing players I’ve ever seen, but Miami will never be his home. He left his home to chase a championship with the Heat. For his sake, I hope he gets that ring… so that everything he has done could actually mean something.

  3. Randy permalink

    Your starting to piss me off with your racist views why do you always make it about race?

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